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Our business venture got off the ground in 1955 when Esteban Rivas Martín, the founder of Esteban Rivas, bought an old, shabby second-hand coach with parts that were capable of little more than local journeys.

Through effort and the economic development in the 1960s in Spain, Esteban Rivas Martín was able to drag his small business forward to become, in just a few years, one of the leading companies in the Occasional Transport for Road Passengers sector.

Over time, Esteban Rivas has expanded its business activities towards other sectors: driverless vehicle hire, car park operations, fleet maintenance, storage space rentals, hospitality and real estate businesses.

Moreover, Esteban Rivas is still an independent family business and maintains its structure of shareholders which is both clear and simple.

Esteban Rivas is known as an experienced and highly competitive company which can adapt to market changes.


Since it was established, Esteban Rivas has received a wide range of prizes and accolades from public and private institutions.

In 1994, Esteban Rivas Vázquez, son of the founder and the current CEO of the company, was awarded the ASTER Prize for Professional Development from the Advanced School of Sales Management and Marketing (ESIC).

In 1996, Esteban Rivas Vázquez was awarded the TECNYDIR Prize for Professional Development from the Association of Former Pupils from the School of Industrial Organisation (EOI).

In 2002, the magazine Actualidad Económica awarded Esteban Rivas Martín the Prize for Professional Development.

In 2003, Spain’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs awarded Esteban Rivas Martín the Silver Medal for Professional Merit.

In 2009, the incumbent Madrid Community president, Esperanza Aguirre Gil de Biedma, gave Esteban Rivas the European Excellence Transport & Logistics Award.

In 2011, the Madrid Community awarded Esteban Rivas the Plaque of Honour from the Cross of the Second of May Order.

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