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Parking for trucks and maintenance of heavy vehicles.

All the advantages for the haulier in our centers in Getafe and Fuenlabrada.

Discover our parking service for lorries, coaches, vans, caravans, vessels and other heavy-duty vehicles. Please check our heavy-duty vehicle parking rates by the hour, day or for longer periods.

parking open 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

700 space capacity park your car in the same space

accommodation I coffee shop I restaurant laundry service I free shower service

car wash I lubrication I tyres free breakfast with your truck wash

mechanics I electricity I air conditioning I bodywork painting I upholstery I signage

diesel sold special offers for hauliers

van and storage rental in the same compound

Esteban Rivas, SA., does not assume in any case the obligation to return the merchandise transported inside the vehicles parked in our parking, unless expressly accepted (art. 3, law 40/2002, of November 14, regulating the contract of vehicle parking).


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