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Car rental with driver and minivans.

Tranquility, comfort and closed price with our Mercedes-Benz E, S and V class vehicles.

Car rental with a driver for events and parties

Car rental service with driver for events and parties in Madrid. Only worry about having a good time.

If you need to go to or come back from an event or a party, Esteban Rivas would like to offer you our high-end car rental service.

Our fleet, equipped to perform this type of service, is waiting to take you, whether alone or accompanied, to your next event. Car rental with a driver for events and parties in Madrid is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy these celebrations without worrying about getting back home.

In addition, our team of drivers is made up of professionals with extensive experience, who will ensure that you receive the best possible service during the service. Without a doubt, our professionals are our most important asset and the first factor that sets us above the rest.

Our fleet of vehicles, made up of Mercedes-Benz E, S and V class units, are subjected to regular audits of their safety and comfort, in addition to the corresponding reviews established by law.

“Anyone who has the choice doesn’t drive” – this factor and the guarantee of a comfortable and on-schedule transfer, are the reasons why our customers trust our car service for events and parties. We can also put your company logo on the vehicle on the day of the event if you so wish.

If you need to solve any doubts, or make any suggestion or comment, please contact us through our personalised assistance phone number which is available 24/7, 365 days a year916 937 711, and our booking email info@estebanrivas.es. Our team will be happy to assist you.

Count on us for your transfers. If you are in Madrid and you need to rent a car for a party or event, contact us and we will advise you. Remember that we adapt to any schedule, itinerary and need.

Ask us for a quote and only worry about having a good time.



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